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Werder (Kölln)

Dorfstrasse 36A, Werder

Large Semi Detached House Freehold, With Large Garden And Almost 1/2 Acre Of Farm Land.

About this property:

Large semi-detached house in Werder (Kölln), just 11 minutes from the A20, 28 minutes by car from Neubrandenburg. The property needs a complete renovation, it is not yet ready to move in, water and electricity are present but need to be renewed as the pipes and wiring in the building are old. Walls and roof need attention. Massive potential, you could create a small caravan park, install eco cabins, or develop with the appropriate permissions, this is really stunning countryside. 2979 m² plot with just over 2000SQM agricultural, so even your garden is big....huge! District Court of Neubrandenburg. Land register of Werder. Leaf location 15003. Landmark No. 78. GréBe in 2979. Address: Dorfstrasse 36A, Werder Neubrandenburg is the third-largest city in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and is known for its well-preserved medieval city walls, historic architecture, and picturesque landscapes. The city has a rich cultural heritage, with attractions such as the Neubrandenburg Concert Church and the Tollensesee Lake, offering opportunities for both historical exploration and outdoor recreation. In terms of business, Neubrandenburg plays a role in the regional economy, with various industries contributing to its economic landscape. The city provides a platform for local businesses, including those in manufacturing, services, and tourism. The presence of educational institutions and research facilities also adds to the intellectual capital of the region. For visitors, Neubrandenburg offers a blend of business and pleasure. The city's historical sites and cultural events provide leisure opportunities, while its economic activities and local businesses create a dynamic environment. Whether exploring the historic city center or engaging in business endeavors, Neubrandenburg provides a well-rounded experience for both locals and visitors. ...