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Valdepenas De Jaen 23150

Calle De Ladera 51 Valdepenas De Jaen 23150

Typical White Washed Spanish Village House

About this property:

In the heart of the Sierra Sur, Andalucia, Granada address is Calle de Ladera 51 Valdepenas de Jaen 23150 3/4 bed typical white painted townhouse in need of some renovation. Google Street View:,-3.8183994,3a,90y,239.62h,107.85t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sMI3ZfqnnVcC4TG3f79ptBQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en&entry=ttu HERE IS A MAP OF OTHER COMPARABLE PROPERTIES FOR SALE CLOSE BY The following Courtesy of Wikipedia: The town of Valdepeñas de Jaén was founded in 1539 as part of the repopulation of the mountain areas of Jaén following the reintegration of the kingdom of Granada after the Islamic period. The new town was designed and built according to Renaissance principles of town planning, which are till apparent today in the grid layout of its streets. By 1550 the town was fully populated under the jurisdiction of the City of Jaén, and following a request to King Felipe II by the municipal council, was recognised as an independent town within the kingdom of Castile in 1558. In 1629,in the reign of Felipe IV, the jurisdictional lordship of Valdepeñas was sold to Antonio Álvarez de Bohorques, Marquesado de los Trujillos, Major Ensign of the City of Granada, who in turn sold it to Dalmau de Queralt, Count of Santa Coloma, in 1643. The municipal council did not recognise the jurisdiction of the "Lords of Valdepeñas", and opposed seigneurial authority throughout the seventeenth century until the matter was resolved in favour of the municipal council in 1785. In 1917, the town of Valdepeñas was declared a city by H.M. King D. Alfonso XIII. The Christ of Chircales has been the focus of religious observance in Valdepeñas de Jaén since the sixteenth century and is celebrated from September 1 to 5 of each year. Since 1940, a pilgrimage has been held at the shrine of Chircales on the first Sunday in May. The pilgrimage was recently declared to be part of the Intangible Heritage of Andalucía. Valdepenas de Jaen Interest Free Vendor Finance deal as follows: £3000 Agency Fee thereafter £500 pcm until paid in full. Simple. NO INTEREST TO BE PAID !!