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13-15 Rue Des Fleurs

Haute Vienne, France

Block Of Village Houses In The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.

About this property:

For sale is the FREEHOLD of all 3 properties - only for sale due to another opportunity that has been offered. The larger house No 15 on the right, could be moved into right away (although old fashioned) as has been temporarily converted on first floor with kitchen sink bathroom, living room and one double bedroom. No 15 On the ground floor, stripped to one huge open plan room (temporary WC fitted in corner) and 2 double bedrooms on the first floor, and unconverted attic. Importantly connected to mains sewer, electrics and water! No 13 The house in the middle no 13 has not been touched for over 100 years! has 2 rooms on the ground floor and 2 double bedrooms on the first floor and a large attic on the 2nd floor. Mainly original woodwork etc. No services - but available at no 15 next door! The Barn This is huge - around 8m x 7.5m internally and with the ridge being around 15m high would make a 3 storey conversion easily. Interest Free Vendor Finance deal as follows: £3000 Agency Fee thereafter £500 pcm until paid in full. Simple. NO INTEREST TO BE PAID !!